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Callaway RAZR X Black Driver

Image of Callaway RAZR X Black Driver
ModelRAZR X Black

Product Variations Available:

New Mens Right Regular Graphite 10.5 $299.95
$169.99 Sale
New Mens Left Regular Graphite 10.5 $299.95
$169.99 Sale
New Mens Left Stiff Graphite 9.5 $299.95
$169.99 Sale
New Mens Right Stiff Graphite 9.5 $299.95
$169.99 Sale
Condition Player Hand Flex Shaft Loft Price  
Product Description

Callaway RAZR X Black Driver Description

One of the most important highlights of the Callaway RAZR X Black Driver is its Streamlined Surface Technology. This technology allows for a more aerodynamic design; reducing drag on the downswing by as much as 17% compared to earlier incarnations of Callaway’s drivers. This makes the RAZR X the prime driver of choice for the golfer who wants to maximize impact speeds and get greater distances on each shot.

Callaway’s own Variable Face and Hyperbolic Face technologies are incorporated into the RAZR X as well. These two technologies make it possible to redistribute the weight of the club head and club face, which in turn enlarges the club’s ‘sweet spot.’ This means that a golfer who uses the RAZR X can rely on the club to produce more consistent shots that are more forgiving of mistakes while maximizing distance. Combine all this with the RAZR X’s Distance Trajectory Weighting that optimizes the driver’s center of gravity and you have a club that both beginners and professionals will find perfect for any course thrown their way.

Callaway has also incorporated its Forged Composite materials technology with the Callaway RAZR X Black. Forged Composite is the result of a research partnership between Callaway and the world-renowned car manufacturer Automobili Lamborghini. More importantly, Forged Composite allows clubs to become lighter to attain faster speeds, stronger to resist damage better and more flexible for accurate shots.

The partnership between Callaway and Lamborghini does not end with the materials alone. Callaway employed a Vapor Deposition Finish in touching up the looks of the RAZR X; making the club as sharp and as sleek as its Lamborghini counterparts. The RAZR X is a driver that will definitely turn heads once you pull it out of its bag and send the ball flying out of sight.